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We are doing something new. Rather, something very old in a new way, with new technology. We are improvising. 


Improv has some very negative connotations to a lot of people. I'm not one of those people; I've always loved anything that has elements of improvisation. I loved chess, playing superheroes with action figures and 'Who's Line Is It Anyway' when I was a kid, and when I got into playing music with friends, jamming was all I wanted to do. 


I have a vision in my head of what improvised music CAN be. If a group of musicians can communicate well enough while playing, a band could go through chord changes, tempo and time signature changes, different grooves or feels; any aspect of music could be changed as it is felt by the musicians. This to me is without genre, it is pure music created in the moment and defining the moment and feeding off of the moment. What we are attempting is to free improvise music using modern sounds and technology, so that people of all backgrounds can relate to it and understand it. 


These pieces captured on this album all happened in the moment, were never written or rehearsed in any way. There are some low points and plenty of mistakes, but they serve to give context to the incredibly high places we reach by abandoning fear and following the path wherever it leads. 


We record our rehearsals, and spend our time working on the concepts that we use during improvisation - our toolset. But our practices usually start and end with extended free improvs, and these are what you have before you. 


Each piece is a snapshot in time, an aural photograph (audiograph??) of what we were feeling when we played it. Each one is a journey and should be experienced that way. Don't expect cohesive songs on this album. This is different. It's something new, and we're calling it Modern Improv.


-John Ray