Winston Salem, North Carolina based livetronica trio RKIII has dropped their new genre bending single The Greatest Something (8/1 on Bandcamp; 9/1 on Spotify, Apple Music, and most other platforms).  

Incorporating modern technology, RKIII is expanding sonic boundaries in the worlds of jazz and electronica and offering a fresh, modern voice to both the North Carolina and national music scene. 

“We got our start as more traditional jazz trio,” said guitarist Russell Kelly, “but pretty quickly realized we shared a similar vision for the music. It’s one that’s grounded in the improvisational roots of jazz, but that uses the digital world to expand what we can create.” 

RKIII’s new single—The Greatest Something—is the band’s seventh release to date. It is a clear step in their evolution and showcases a boundary pushing mix of jazz, electronica and funk. The listener will hear hard-driving dance rhythms and head-nodding bass lines that perfectly ornament the memorable, yet unconventional melodies. 

The result is a track filled with both virtuosity and soul.  It’s a refreshing, accessible example of modern musical possibilities and a signal to be optimistic about the future evolution of music. 


RKIII is a former jazz trio blending the analog and digital worlds to create their music and includes Jonathan Greene on drums, Russell Kelly on guitar and John Ray on bass.

Take a listen here


•Please get in touch with John Ray at for guest list, interviews, or promo copies of The Greatest Something.