The Greatest Something


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Day contemplated his situation. Not only had he never seen a place like the one he found himself in, he had never imagined of a place where the things he now saw were even possible. His two friends appeared barely conscious. The first thing that rose to the surface of his consciousness was the pulsing vibration. Because he didn’t understand anything his senses were feeding into his brain, he had no context to understand what the vibrations were. He closed his eyes knelt down to avoid a crashing blackness that threatened to make him faint. 


Day let a few moments pass before he attempted to open his eyes again. Black. Let go of tension. Breathe. Balance.


Awareness began to creep into the part of his brain he spent so much time strengthening and honing. The vibrations were a rhythm, familiar because it was an echo of what was still bouncing around this part of his consciousness, but much larger, all encompassing, permeating every aspect of his environment. 


This is what he just played. There were still drumsticks in his hand, he realized. 


He opened his eyes, and stood up cautiously. His friends stirred from the ground near him, but his attention was completely flooded by new colors, new smells, a different air sensation on his skin, different weight to every part of his body, and his now still mind couldn’t yet form thoughts with this information. 


Memory was a distant thing.


There was a vague familiarity with everything he now experienced. His senses were bringing in entirely new information, but it felt like he understood it already. Like he had been a part of it’s creation. Nonsense thoughts coalesced in the front of his mind. 




The voice was in a different register, thicker, a minor third lower, but still that of his friend Rai. Rai and Ark (short for Arrkila) were struggling to their feet with much more difficulty than Day. 


“Have we played here before?” Rai said.


Both men let the lame joke pass. “It does seem sort of…” Ark trailed off and giggled at the sound of his voice.


Realization and truth sinking in as he spoke the words, Day said slowly “This is what we just played.”


The three stood, exploring this new world with their eyes. None panicked.